Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 20--- Mountain Memories, Snails Named Lucy & Landon's Buddy

Today, I babysat Ben, Abby & Emma.
I arrived at their house earlier than they did
which in today's case was not an excellent idea
considering I lived 18 years, 3 doors down.
I spend every Friday on this street
and it usually doesn't phase me coming face to face with this house
so I'm not sure why today was any different.
Maybe it was the distaste I feel toward the gate they added
or the fact that the house looks exactly like it did when we left it
(except the gate of course)
but for the 10 minutes I waited in my car,
I definitely missed the life we made in this small, little house.

then the kids came home
& distracted me with birthday parties for snails named Lucy.

Following the [pretend] snail birthday,
Matt & I made our way to Valencia
for my cousin Logan's [real life] 15th Birthday.
Between the 2 birthdays,
we stopped in Northridge
where Matt got to [finally] meet
my friends Manal & Carly [yay!]
Once we got to the party,
Matt made a buddy
who wouldn't leave his side...


Susie said...

Ohhhh, too cute. Matt has a new friend. See you in a few weeks Matt.

mama klein

auntie said...

Next time you're with Ben and Abby, show them what happens when you put salt on a snail!

MEGHAN said...

haha i thought about that actually but didn't think teri would appreciate it when abby runs in crying because i killed lucy on her birthday.