Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 7---Dancer, Dancer, Keep Your Feet in Time and Inside the Lines

Matt's best friends' band, Abigail, played at Holy Chaos tonight along with their idols, Confide.
Confide was my first ever live hardcore show and they have remained special to me for purely sappy & sentimental reasons--the night Matt & I started dating, 2 1/2 years ago, was the night he & his friends introduced me into the very foreign world of hardcore music/dancing via Confide show.


kate said...

aw presh

Susie said...

This was fun?????

What happened to Sunday and Monday the 8th and 9th??


auntie said...


I'm going to Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W Smith in April, wanna come?

Tom said...


Manal said...

women you need to put up ur new blogs.. i miss reading them.. ahha.. look at what i posted today.. you need to teach me some stuff bout taking pictures.. that would be cool