Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 8---Words by Yandon...

Landon has trouble saying his L's so everything sounds yike dis....

-"yer having a sweepover?" (this gets asked everytime I come over)
-"I don't yike you" (I get told this when I don't give him candy)
-"Pwease pass me da pwate" (he asked that at dinner tonight)
-"yiddle fewwa" (translation: little fella)
-"Yogan" (Logan)
-"pway puzzles with meeee" (always)

My Other Favorites:
"Sad times fer you"
"yer a cattywompus"
"yer dust do a circle yike dis--den do a yine yike dis..." (describing how to make the letter Q)


auntie said...

If I recall correctly, Cousin Meghan also had trouble with her "L's." You once went to Minnesota where the lake was covered with loons and I think that was when you learned how to say the letter correctly! Ask your mom.

Tom said...

Awwww... I yike him so much... yet's take yots and yots and yots more pictures of yandon at his pwace. Where was Yogan?

Unker Tommy

MEGHAN said...

daddy i miss you geez person.

Manal said...

too cute

Susie said...

Finally, an update!!! Too funny....Love those "yikes" and "yots".

Auntie sure has a much better memory than your mother. I guess that is what happens when you are 7 years younger. I know you could not say your "L's", but did not remember that you learned how to say them with the loons.. Oh well.

Very cute post.


Bill Ross said...

I tink ahm gonna cwy!