Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 6---DAY 4 in the Park

Anja had a full day of classes (following our lunch date) so Nick & I enjoyed the sun-shiny day at the Queen Anne Bowl, climbing trees & playing on the merry go round thingy. Alexis joined in on the fun once her classes were over.

I toured Marissa's house later in the day but completely forgot to take the camera out for a photo shoot! It was great to catch up with her (and see her adorable Queen Anne house), especially since it has been about 395205 years since I've seen her!


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

What great pics in the park.... Love the tree shot. Never heard you talk about this Nick friend last year and I am SO bummed that you did not get any pics of sweet Marissa and her cute house.....

BTW, Alexis is pulling off that new doo quite well I must say. Wasn't sure about it the first day it was done, but it works for her.

What a beautiful Spring day in Seattle.


kate said...

love the way she did her hair! had she washed it at this point or was it curly?

MEGHAN said...

i believe she had washed it that morning so it was somewhat curly and she didn't really like it :(
i thought it was adorable!