Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5--- DAY 3 in the even SUNNIER city of Seattle

(click to enlarge photos--they're super small for some reason)

1. Fremont Sunday Market adventures
in 70 degree weather, short sleeves & smiles.
Found some awesome silverware from the 30s & 40s
but had to walk away since it was a little pricey at $4 a piece.

2. Only in Seattle would you find a highlighter Audi
parked in front of a highlighter building.

3. Completed our tie dye shirts.
Why are theirs so cute & mine look like I got in a car accident?

4. Visited our old dorm rooms.
I left a little message since the new occupants weren't home.
(not sure who Grant is...)
5. Soaked up the sun during a little drive to.....
Had to say goodbye to our favorite tea before
saying goodbye to Kate at the airport :(
7. We decided to take our chances with getting into a 21+ concert at El Corazon.
If Washington didn't have the "no minors even allowed to step a pinky toe into the bar" law, we probably could have gotten in & seen Takeover UK.
darn.8. So....we went across the street, drank delicious coffee, played a silly game of scrabble & Anja showed me where she met my most favorite Ryan Hunter of all time.
9. Took some sweet shots of the Space Needle
on our way home because I know my mom will appreciate these.

1 comment:

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Love the Bakelite silverware...I don't have any either, but it sure is cool.

Bye Kate! Miss your sweet face already....

Thanks for the beautiful night views of the Space Needle.

Enjoy your last full day.