Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12--Phoenix.

Finally decided it would be a good day to start studying for finals....
Signed on to my public speaking class's website to begin the take home final that is due on Thursday.
Saw an announcement that stated, "Final moved from Thursday at 3, to Tuesday at 3"

That's today. Crap.
That's in 3 hours. Crap.
I still have a 2 hour final to complete. Crap.

I quickly escaped from panic mode and got down to work, accompanied by Phoenix's new album, "Wolfgang Amadeus"
I finished the final, had enough time to make a trip to the storage unit and got to class before she shut the door.
WHEW that was a close one.

1/2 the class still thinks the final is on Thursday apparently....


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

You ALWAYS seem to pull it out in the last hour...... GREAT job!!!


Tom said...

We would soooooo be best friends if we were in college at the same time. You're Ann in a time-warp!

Full speed ahead to finish finals... good luck lady, you're almost there.


Auntie said...

Please don't teach Logan your study skills. Between you and me, let's tell her you mapped out a schedule, two weeks in advance, setting aside 3 hours each day to diligently study for finals...