Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 14--Abby's Thankful Party

Abby & Ben had a fun afternoon making posters and signs to tape around their house for our "thankful party". I'm still unclear about what a "thankful party" is exactly, but I didn't ask questions as Abby's vast imagination never seems to surprise me.


jamie said...

Its a party where your thankful. Gosh meggs. I can't believe you didn't know that!


Mom said...

My twins are all grown up!!!. Can't believe they are 5 already. I take it you spent the day in Pasadena yesterday?

Hey, what happened to Friday's blog? I missed you. And whatever happened about your registration? You never responded to any of my follow up comments or text messages. Is everything OK?

love you much,

MEGHAN said...

this is friday's blog...did you mean sat? that i haven't posted yet but will do it later.
i purposefully didn't respond about my registration because you have a tendency of don't worry, once antonio lifts my hold tomorrow it will all be taken care you mom.

SamiandAlex said...

that's so cute!

griffithzoo said...

i think they're most thankful for afternoons spent with nana :)