Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13---Round 2 at CSUN

Tomorrow I register for my second semester at CSUN which means I just spent the last hour 1/2 trying to find a way to keep my job at MHS and take a full load of classes on the remaining days. CSUN's class times/days aren't agreeing with me right now so I've taken a break to watch Greys. I'm pretty confident I'll figure something out by 730 tomorrow night though.


auntie said...

I heard from Diane that her sister would like you to babysit for her and she's going to call you so she can work HER work schedule around YOUR class schedule. Maybe you should just take night classes so you can work during the days! :)

kate said...

how did it turn out? love you. rosas status last night said she was SOOO confused about greys. can't wait to watch it!

Manal said...

my idea gto take this picture.. heheh

Mom said...

I know that you will figure it out and you always seem to be resourceful. You have done a good job so far, and I am sure that MHS will work with you if you need them to. Hopefully you will be able to get ALL classes that will count towards your degree this semester, no fault of yours though last semester. I will talk to you this weekend sometime. I was not quite getting it either on Grey's last night. It is getting a little weird if you ask me!!

love you,

MEGHAN said...

1. diane's sister called--we're trying to work in some weekly babysitting (thanks auntie)
2. registering didn't happen because my adviser never lifted my hold...wonderful.
3. greys confused the crap outta me. (but atleast dennys back!)

Mom said...

So what does that mean that he never lifted your hold???? Are you going to get screwed up with classes again where you register late and can't get the classes that you need?? I hope that you can get this figured out. You may be taking classes this summer here in TN. Call me today and let me know what is going on. I will be home all day


Mary Joy said...

I don't like that Denny's back!! I think it is weird...I really like Izzy and Alex!! gooo team!